Have you ever given thought to what breathes life into you or what drains your energy away?  What gives depth and meaning to your life or what is just unproductive busyness?

2008 was the year I began asking those questions and other difficult questions of myself.  That was the year I realized my physical health and well-being were in jeopardy.  I was in an abusive relationship with food and I was self-destructing.

You can find the rest of “My Story” here at  Matt Hartsky’s Transform307 blog.  Matt has been my personal trainer twice in my life.  His gym and training center, Transform307, is located in Laramie, WY.  After you read the blog post be sure to sign up for his newsletter.  You’ll find great training, encouragement, and recipe ideas!

Change is never easy….especially when it comes to changing life patterns and destructive habits.   We want quick fixes… we tend to look for the easy way out….or a message in the sky….or…well, you get the idea.

I came to a crossroads at 51 yrs. old.  My weight was out of control due to my out -of -control eating.  I was an emotional stress -eater.  Instead of facing and working through whatever was creating the stress in my life, I sought comfort in unhealthy foods.  The “comfort high” was short lived and it was robbing me of a future with my family. It was as simple as that.  It was humbling to accept what I had done to myself and to realize I needed help.



My Lifeline came in the form of two simple questions.

“What did I want my quality of life to be?”

“What was I willing to do to create that quality of life?”

My answer….

I would do whatever was within my control to become healthy and strong , so…

~I could travel

~Enjoy my family

~Run and play with my grandkids

~Go up and down stairs easily

~Move freely

~Be present to my life

My family was my “WHY”.

My respect for this miraculous body I’ve been blessed to experience life in was my “WHY”.

       She believed she could, so She did….


May you find your own “WHY”.  May you take one tiny step to begin caring for yourself and breaking whatever chains are dragging you into self-destructive behaviors.  May you have the courage to ask yourself hard questions and seek the help you need for the answers to those questions.

As Matt Hartsky always says….#WeAllStartSomewhere