Scapegoat Prayers…

Scapegoat Prayers…


Hello again my coffee friends….

I’ve been thinking of you….

I’ve been thinking of those of you who have found yourselves heartbroken…wounded….betrayed….by someone you have loved and trusted. And today I simply want to pray for you…

I want you to know that you are not forgotten….you are not invisible….you have value and worth….

Cruel and evil words do not determine who you are. Jesus Christ has already established your value….it was worth His very life which He willingly gave for you.

“Father, thank you for my coffee friends who join me here to share their hearts and read the words that pour from mine. You, their Creator, know them inside and out….from their head to their toes…every hair on their head You have counted. {Luke 12:7}

Jesus, if I could, I would sit with each one of my friends here…I would take their hands in mine….I would look them in the eye and tell them how loved and cherished they are by me and by You. May they somehow come to know their worth. Send other messengers across their path to speak life and love into their weary, bruised and battered hearts.

Send faithful and trustworthy friends who will walk beside them and breathe hope and courage into lungs that are gasping for air because they fear an unknown future.

Lift them up…..steady the weak knees and the trembling hands… {Isaiah 35:3}

May they find their voice and declare that fear and timidity have no authority over them… instead may they believe that You have given them a spirit of power, love and a sound mind…{2 Timothy 1:7}

Guide their every step…may they listen for Your voice…{Isaiah 30:21}

Give them sweet sleep and rest….may their minds be quieted and peaceful as You sing songs of deliverance over them in the night-watches…{Psalm 32:7}”

Amen and Amen….So be it…

Until we meet again my coffee friends….Remember you are prayed for and cherished…