Jottings By Jeri


Hey!  That’s how I greet my friends and if you are reading this I consider you a friend….a rare gift. Welcome to J’s Coffee Cafe.  “J” is short for Jeri, which is short for my given name, Jeralyn.

I am wife to, Gary (for 42 years), mother of two (actually four because I consider their spouses my kids), and Nana to five delightful grandchildren.   I love coffee, basking in early morning sunrises, chasing sunsets, and celebrating life with my family and friends (that’s you).

This simple little blog is my voice…the sheet music for singing songs of encouragement over the weary and broken.  My life’s journey has been one of many seasons of weariness and brokenness.  I would guess you have passed through those seasons also.

In the Old Testament, Ecclesiastes 3:4 says this about life;  “There is a time to cry and a time to laugh, a time to have sorrow and a time to dance.”  I believe there’s also a “time” to have coffee and sweet conversation between hearts.

So…bring your coffee…come sit in a cozy corner of my cafe with me… and let’s share the rhythms of life that Ecclesiastes speaks of.

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