Photographs and Memories….


My desire was to record picture stories for my own children and grandchildren to one day hold in their hands and journey through as I was doing in that moment.

I had my entire life history piled around me.  I laughed and I cried.  As the hours passed I came to realize there was a gentle, quiet healing happening in my heart and soul……….

My writing sister, Michele Oleary, graciously invited me to be a guest contributor on her blog.  Grab your coffee, relax, and cozy up at Casual Conversations(click on link) to continue reading at J’s Coffee Cafe.  Michele and I met through Proverbs 31’s COMPEL.  She is a gifted, anointed writer.  Her words are like effervescent bubbles that burst over you with joy and grace and hope.  Be sure and subscribe to her blog and be blessed by her sparkling joyous heart!

3 thoughts on “Photographs and Memories….”

  1. Hey! Friend,
    This introduction and short piece has touched a place in my soul. You inspire me, Jeralyn. I find such joy in your posts and blog.
    Terri Jack

    I never check email tho…

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