I’m sitting in our family room half watching Thursday Night Football and drafting this blog post.  My husband of thirty-nine years is stretched out on our couch with a fiberglass cast on his right arm, a healing six inch laceration over his right knee and a body with miscellaneous bruises and trauma- induced aches and pains.

A month ago, the driver of a car made a decision not to wear the prescription glasses required on their license, and turned in front of my motorcycle riding husband. In the blink of an eye our life was turned upside down.  Gary’s injuries required him to be transported by ambulance to a larger hospital where orthopedic specialists would be able to repair his hand and knee. Due to the level of pain involved, the process of debriding and cleaning his injuries could only be done under a general anesthetic.  He remained hospitalized for two days hooked up to IV antibiotics to guard against infection in preparation for the second reconstructive hand surgery scheduled for the following week.

Our life has become centered around medical appointments, revolving drug prescriptions, insurance companies, restless and sleepless nights and an unknown future.  Yet, in the midst of all the pain, slithering dark fears, exhaustion, and unspoken questions about what his “new normal” will be, we have experienced an outpouring of love and concern beyond anything we could have ever imagined.

Friends gave their time waiting with my son and I during Gary’s second surgery…and neighbors have mowed our yard.  At the time of the accident we were in the middle of a room make-over and our house was a chaotic construction zone. We swallowed our pride and sent out SOS’s for help. Our precious friends and family came to our rescue to put our home back together and bring peace and order to our now un-ordered life. Food, phone calls, visits, texts, messages, prayers, cards, hugs and even flowers for me…each and every intentional act of kindness has been cherished and gratefully received in our hearts.

Sooner than expected I am once again a full-time caregiver.  Gary is learning he has limitations and has to listen to his body for his activity level each day.  Oddly enough, our marriage has been challenged and strengthened at the same time. We are thankful beyond words that he is alive. We are living out our days at a slower pace, marveling over the autumn colors and the coolness of the air that caresses our skin.  Meals, even breakfast, are savored with the celebration of candlelight. Weather permitting, our lunches are eaten outside in the warmth of the sun.  We take the time to interact and enjoy the presence of the people who cross our paths each day.  Every sunrise and every sunset is a gift not to be taken lightly, ignored, or taken for granted.  We are aware like never before….that in the blink of an eye….life can be forever changed….

With servant’s hearts, they made sure their Papa was taken care of.