Advent ~Fourteen~


Advent ~Fourteen~

The people who walked in darkness
  have seen a great light.
For those who lived in a land of deep shadows-
  light! sunbursts of light!
For a child has been born– for us!
   the gift of a son–for us!
                  ~Isaiah 9:2

I was a little girl who always heard bumps in the night.  I was convinced, without a doubt, that there were monsters under my bed and in my closet. Nightlights are my friend!

The darkness of loneliness can’t be dispelled with a tiny, on and off, nightlight. Loneliness soaks to the bone.  Like bitter cold to the body, it creates an ache and numbness in the soul that feels like it will never go away.

Christ-mas is about Light. The Light that came at an appointed time in eternity to illumine the darkness of forever hopelessness with unending Light.

“We are saved from forever pain, because God pierced the dark and came to the pinpoint of us in the universe and took the nails.
We are saved from loneliness because God is love and He can’t stand to leave us by ourselves, to ourselves.
It’s Christmas that dawns on you, and you only really believe in Christmas when you really live it.  When you light a dark world and the unexpected places with a brave flame of joy; when you warm the cold, hopeless places with the daring joy that God is with us, God is for us, God is in us; when you are a wick to light hope in the dark–
then you believe in Christmas.”
“The Greatest Gift”

Light a candle today….everyday….
a glowing of joy…
a spark of hope…
Give a candle away today…
share the Light…
pass on the joy….
 the spark of hope…