Advent ~Eleven~


Advent ~Eleven~

Rahab the Jericho Harlot…an unlikely heroine and most surprising of all…a non-Hebrew woman in the lineage of Jesus. You can read her story in Joshua 2 and Joshua 6.

Why did Rahab risk her life to hide the Jewish enemy spies?  Why did she lie to her king and send the sentries on a wild goose chase?  And what in the world made her think she could boldly negotiate with the spies for her life and the life of her family??  She was a prostitute with a more-than-tarnished reputation…no political or social standing…she owned nothing that would guarantee anyone would desire to preserve her life. With what did she secure the safety of her family and herself when Jericho was destroyed? Her simple faith of who God was, and a simple scarlet cord rescued this woman who had known only heartache and degradation her entire life. 

After I finished today’s Advent reading, I realized that every time I see red ribbon wrapped packages… red beads encircling a tree… red cord tied pretties…I will think of Rahab and her faith…I will think of how God bestowed honor and dignity upon her by tying her into His family tree.

And in simple faith, I will reach for Jesus, whose blood ran red on a cruel Cross…