January 7, 2014 My 500 Words



Today, I want to introduce you to some of my favorite people! They are talented, gifted, generous friends and family who are life-changers.

My son-on-law, Shane Callicutt, is a musician/worship leader/writer/photographer/ web designer.  He came to our little city from Mississippi and swept my daughter off her feet.  He is the guardian of my two oldest granddaughters.  Intimidating in stature, with a big booming southern voice, he chases hard after Jesus and has the heart of a teddy bear.  He accepted a worship leader position in Missouri a little over three years ago, packed up his family and they started a new life.  Here is his blog address…I know you will enjoy his musings and wisdom.  http://www.shaneshack.com/

I have known Kim Luke since the 1980’s.  She is a firecracker!  She is full of life and light and creativity in every area of her life.  For the past two years she and her husband, Bob, have given us a bed to rest our heads and delicious food to fill our tummies, when we drive back to Colorado after seeing our daughter and family in Missouri.  As a published author, writing is one of her favorite passions.  You can check out her book, “Circle of Sun” , at Amazon.com.

Bob, is the chief tree wrangler on their Christmas tree farm.  He has been a dedicated educator and retires this year to take on the tree farm full time.  If you know anyone in the Kansas City area please pass the word on for next year. 
Here is the website..http://www.fortosagechristmastrees.com/

I have a precious, anonymous woman whose story has to be shared.  She writes of the heartache of her husband’s unfaithfulness in honest, real, gut wrenching language. I am blessed to know her and her husband personally.  They survived the betrayal and are building a marriage and life that are stronger than ever.  You will be encouraged by her faith, transparency and tenacity.      http://woundedsoldier429.blogspot.com/

My friend John VanDusen is a songwriter/musician/worship leader/published author.  His two writings are pictured above.  I can best describe John and his writing with this quote I read today by Donald Miller…”Most people try to avoid suffering, but those that accept it as a reality and seek to redeem it live a more meaningful, impactful life.”  John’s heart pours forth his redeemed suffering through his music and his pen.  Find out more about his books, “Duck Butts”, and “Standing By the Sea”, at Amazon.com.

John’s wife, Kerry, is an artist/writer.  I have several of her oil paintings gracing my home.  She is also an artist in the kitchen.  You are blessed indeed if you have sat at her table. She wraps your weary heart up in her warm and gracious presence and the gift of her hospitality.

Anthony and Samantha Alvarado are the parents of 5 beautiful children.  Rourke, their oldest, twins Frannie and Lydia, and the youngest twins Esther and Zinnia.
 In June of 2012, at three and half years old, little Esther was diagnosed with cancer.  My daughter-in-law, Robin, and Samantha are sisters.  This wasn’t a story about someone I didn’t know.  I KNEW this family…I can only describe it as  a roller coaster ride of one medical treatment after another. Today, Esther is a happy, fun-loving little girl with no traces of cancer in her body.  You can follow their journey at…http://spendandbespent.blogspot.com

I hope you visit my friends and family and discover for yourself how rich and full their hearts and talents are.